Sick Business

- Hospital Simulation (2019)

Yet another Ludum Dare game. We, as a team of 7-ish people, originally created Sick Business in 2019 for Ludum Dare 44, within 3 days. The theme being "Your life is currency" we decided to center our game around a hospital which is run like a business more than, well, a hospital. Patients are exploited to generate the greatest possible income so you're able to pay back the Mafia. But too many corpses can ruin even the best run business when the police notices something's fishy.
Ending up 17th out of 1817 entries, this is my (as well as our) greatest Ludum Dare success as of yet. We had quite a bit of fun brainstorming the most absurd ideas of how to treat patients, and I believe that's reflected rather well by the game. :) (Play)


Grave Heart

- Graveyard Simulation (2018)

Grave Heart was created by a team of six people within 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42. The theme was "Running out of space", so we made a game about a graveyard keeper who gets truckloads of corpses each morning, which he has to bury quickly. There's a shop with helpful upgrades, and the occasional zombie emerging from a grave spices things up.
With lighting system, day night cycle, a beautiful soundtrack, a whole bunch of super neat voice acting, a fully interactive tutorial and the best end screen ever, this is one of my personal favorites of all the games I've worked on over the years. (Play)


Art Defense

- Tower Defense Art Card Game (2018)

Art Defense was created within 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41. The theme was "Combine two incompatible genres". I went with three: Card game, tower defense, and art. While at its core it is a tower defense game, you can only interact with the game via a randomized deck of cards. Your enemies are floating canvases, and your towers shoot paintballs, resulting in neat colorful compositions on every enemy. (Video)



- 2D Football Game (in Progress)

Vectorball is an abstract game reminiscent of football, where two teams of one to four players try to score goals. The twist of Vectorball is that the players themselves are balls and instead of rigid sphere collision behaviour they push each other around the pitch based on forces.
This leads to a fun, fast paced and skill based game which you can play either alone against AI players or with your friends. (Video)
Expected Release: ummm.... originally 2015. :(



- 3D/2D Hybrid (2014)

My entry for Ludum Dare 31 on the theme Entire Game on One Screen. You play a snowman in a 3D world, who has a big flatscreen TV in his living room which he uses to play a 2D platformer including yet another snowman. That game within the game however requires a new CD for each of its four small levels, hence you have to find those CDs in order to play through the game. (more)



- Fire, Fire everywhere (2014)

My entry to Dark Jam #2. Theme was "fire/lava/explosions", so naturally I made a puzzle platformer in which you play a madman with a flamethrower.
The game's overall atmosphere is rather dark and disturbing, hence I'd advice playing it with the sound turned up, preferably at night. Won't take you long and I can assure you, the ending will confuse you but at the end of the day, it will hopefully be worth the effort. (more)


Full Havoc Devastation Cave

- Combat Platformer (2014)

Inspired by Super Crate Box, I made this game in about a week and aimed for a similar experience - a fast paced small platforming shooter that is both challenging and motivating. You start of without weapon and initially have to jump on enemies to hurt them, later on you may unlock different fire arms as well as new abilities that make your life easier. (more)


Frankie Goes to Heaven

- Puzzle Platformer (2014)

A Ludum Dare 30 game, hence created in 48 hours, about the theme "Connected Worlds". About a man who ends up in hell after his early death, who's then trying to find a way out by tricking the devil into thinking he's Jesus and totally doesn't belong there.
Sort of a spiritual successor to Forever Alone, Frankie Goes to Heaven is a humorous interpretation of the puzzle platformer genre combined with many dialogues - this time, you can even choose what you say and have an actual impact on the story. (more)


Lab Rush

- Puzzle/Action (2014)

Thomas had worked on Lab Rush for a few years already when I joined in and turned the game around to some extent - the old visual style got replaced by a new one and finally became what it is today after Daniel created a better tileset. Furthermore I enhanced the gameplay with a bunch of features such as slow motion, special attacks and multiple difficulty levels. (more)


Out of the Dark

- Stealth (2014)

A stealth game developed within 72 hours for Dark Jam 2014. In each of the 10 existing levels it's your goal to find and steal one or more golden orbs, usually hidden somewhere inside a more or less well guarded building. Guards may either see or hear you, depending on the light situation and your movement speed. Several tools such as your knife and pistol allow you to take out one guard after another, but make sure to hide their bodies well before anybody finds them - or take a more peaceful route and sneak past the guards without them even knowing you're there. (more)



- King of the Hill (2013)

Desperado is a King of the Hill style game created within 48 hours for Ludum Dare 28. According to the theme "You only get One", there's one hill - but many individuals trying to stay on top of it.
Use a vast variety of weapons and skills to propel the enemies off the platform within 30 seconds to win a round. (more)


Animal Liberation Turbo

- Stealth (2013)

A short game I made for the Charity Game Jam: about a mother and animal rights activist who one day moves out for yet another mission, but this time she won't return...
With stealth elements, story and a lot of animals. (more)


The King's Profit

- Adventure / Exploration (2013)

This game was created for Indie Speed Run 2013 within 48 hours in cooperation with Daniel Falk. With "profit" as theme we created a story about an abandoned island and how the former population perished due to a greedy king.
It's your job to explore the island, find out what caused the downfall of this small civilization, and ultimately reconnect with your deceased son. (more)


Flow Motion

- Action Platformer (2013)

Fast-paced sidescroller in the style of N+. Your objective is to finish each level as quickly as possible, respectively trying to beat your own highscore. Several tools such as a rope and grenades as well as your ability to climb up walls enable you to overcome any obstacle. (more)


Forever Alone

- Experimental / Narrative (2013)

This game was created in just 48 hours for Ludum Dare 27 (Theme: '10 Seconds'). This time I focused on story and narration instead of gameplay, and what came out is this kind of interactive short film. (more)



- Puzzle Platformer (2013)

As my entry for Ludum Dare 26, this nice little puzzle platformer was originally created in just 12 hours. Your job as a player is to alter gravity in such a way to allow you to avoid obstacles and finally reach the goal. This is an enhanced version of the original game with improved gameplay, more levels, some additional features and an ingame level editor. (more)


Unreleased Games

The following games have not been finished (yet). For most of them it remains uncertain whether or not - and if so when - I'll continue developing them.


- Asymmetric Multiplayer Strategy/Survival (2015)

TerminationShock is a two player game we created with a team of three for the Spielmarmelade game jam in Aachen in April 2015. According to the theme we did something with traps: one player tries to escape an abandoned spaceship while the other one sets up traps in order to stop him.
We created the game with Löve 2D within 48 hours, but due to the limited time frame and our high ambitions (as usual) we couldn't quite finish it. To play the jam release of the game, check out the project's github page. Alternatively there are two gameplay videos showing the role of both players.



- Open World Zombie Survival (2014-2015)

My second attempt at Dangerground. This time as open world survival game with a huge town, dynamic zombie AI, crafting and so forth. Technically more advanced than the first Dangerground, this time it featured realtime 3D lights (including flashlight) that cast actual shadows, which is a novelty for Dark Basic 2D games. Futhermore there's normal mapping and several post processing effects triggering when the player character is tired or infected. (Video)



- Physics Rogue-Like (2014)

Inverse originally started out as a Rogue Like Puzzle Platformer with typical platforming mechanics plus the kind of gravity engineering we established in 360. We later changed the gameplay fundamentally and went with a more Marble Madnessy approach.
Unfortunately Daniel wasn't able to continue working on it at one point and I couldn't finish it on my own.
There are several videos documenting the game in different stages: Physics Puzzle Gameplay, Voice Acting Sample, Advanced Physics



- Physics Platformer (2014)

In early 2014 I had this idea of creating a small, physics based yet story driven platformer about a small rectangular girl that discovers her strange talent of transforming into a sphere at will.
I had the complete story and many puzzles planned, and after way too many hours of work I got the physics down as well, but unfortunately it never reached a point where it completely convinced me. However, it did teach me one or two lessons - especially regarding physics. (Video)


Tower Defense

- Tower Defense (2012)

A basic, yet somewhat unusual tower defense game. This singleplayer game not only includes typical features of tower defense games but leads you through a tough campaign of levels with increasing complexity and intensity. You are encouraged to build elaborate mazes and make use of effective tower combinations to stop waves of enemies from arriving at your base.


GTFO, Moon!

- Puzzle Platformer (2009-2012)

GTFO, Moon! is a quite complex Puzzle Platformer I'd been working on for over three years. It was mainly inspired by Portal and featured a wide variety of gameplay elements, including but not limited to four way gravity engineering, switches, running potatoes and - of course - portals. There was even a Coop mode for two players on a single PC.
I don't know how and I don't know when, but you can be sure I will finish this game at some point. It's just not at the top of my list as of now. :) (Video)



- Zombie Survival Horror (2006-2010)

Dangerground was a huge project by Thomas and me. We worked on it for about four years, but weren't able to finish it due to our rather high ambitions. We wanted to create a long, story driven singleplayer campaign with a lot of script events and interesting combat situations. While we did get surprisingly far (we had a great self made world editor, a self written scripting language, enemy AI including pathfinding and taking cover, self written lightmapping and overall a rather well optimized engine), the project just was too big for us two.



I spend a lot of time creating prototypes to try out different things such as new art styles or gameplay concepts. While many of them are not that remarkable, a few do have a certain appeal. The following list displays some of them.

Strategy Game

- 3D RTS (2014)

A small real time strategy game prototype I made on a weekend during summer 2014. One of my very few 3D projects, and I think it turned out pretty cool. There are four unit types - Swordsmen, Archers, Knights and Spearmen - each with advantages against one of the other unit types. Archers are more effective when attacking from the top of a hill. There even is an opponent AI who actively tries to micro manage its units to attack the proper targets, and buys different unit types each round. (Screenshot)


Lab Rush 2.5D

- 2.5D Action (2013)

My friend Thomas had worked on a game called Lab Rush (screenshot) for quite a while, a sort of 2D Top Down shooter with a lot of puzzles, effects and boss fights. At some point we considered creating a remake - with enhanced 3D gameplay and isometric 2D graphics.
I created a small prototype to find out if the graphical style works, which it did. (Video) However, later on we decided to create a HD version of the game with its initial top down graphics.


2D Tech Demo

- Tech Demo (2013)

After my first experiments with full screen shaders I started working on a tech demo, including a lot of neat effects. Among them are dynamic day night cycles, weather effects such as rain and fog, cloud shadows, sprite shadows, lights, particles, normal mapping and tile blending. (Video)


Soil Commander

- 2D Terraforming Sidescroller (2013)

A project that took about four weeks until I realized it wasn't working out the way it was supposed to. Soil Commander was going to become an underground action exploration game with terra forming elements and highly dynamic combat due to use of physics, including fluid dynamics and gravity engineering.
Sadly I encountered several unforseen problems and generally just a workload too huge for a single programmer to cope with. I'm hoping to some day be able to work on this again with a bigger team, because I'm still a big fan of the concept.



- Horror (2013)

This was my entry for 2013's Asylum Jam and the first time I tried creating a Horror game. While I did like certain aspects of it, such as the sound design and the bad guy (both visually and his AI), I was far from satisfied with how it turned out, which was partly due to the fact that, as opposed to the initial planning, I had to work alone. Hence the graphical quality is really quite underwhelming, and I didn't have much time to work on the actual gameplay.
Nonetheless it was an interesting and valuable experience. (Video)


Press Any Key

- Experimental (2013)

Press Any Key was my entry to Bland Jam, a very small game jam centered around making extremely dull activities interesting.
I decided to stick with the arguably most simple action of HCI - pressing a button - and added quite a lot of stuff to it, such as achievements, level ups, unlockable hats, encouraging text messages, a long intro, a cincematic sequence including a tank and explosions, guns and shooting, an American flag and heavy metal music. Check out the Trailer!



- Tetris-esque Puzzler (2012)

The very first game I created after starting the whole Shellfish Games thing. I spent around a week on this game, and while it was relatively polished in the end and played really well, it never really reached a point where it was fun enough to justify making the whole thing public.