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My entry for Ludum Dare 31 on the theme Entire Game on One Screen. You play a snowman in a 3D world, who has a big flatscreen TV in his living room which he uses to play a 2D platformer (which happens to be called Frostbite as well - what a hilarious coincidence!) including yet another snowman. That game within the game however requires a new CD for each of its four small levels, hence you have to find those CDs in order to play through the game.

As usual, I had pretty high ambitions and wanted a lot of stuff in the game. Maybe not the best approach, but it kind of worked out. The 2D game may be a little bland, but that makes sense given the context: The actual protagonist of the game, the 3D snowman you control, finds so much enjoyment in that simple little game albeit himself living in a perfect 3D game environment. In that sense, the game might be a metaphor on humans focusing on things they don't have instead of just realizing all the good-.. ha, nevermind. It's not that deep.

Note that the screenshots you see here are from the slightly post compo version of the game. The only actual difference is the blue tile texture on the walls and floor - in the original game, it looked despicable. Unfortunately I didn't really think of replacing it during the contest, although it only took me 10 minutes when I finally had that revelation the next day.

As usual, I recommend playing the game yourself, ideally without knowing any more about it than you do after reading this text. If you're as lazy as I am however (or the game doesn't run on your computer because you don't own Windows or something), you probably prefer just comfortably leaning back and watching a video of me walking you through the game. Good news, I got you covered.

You can find the original Ludum Dare entry of this game here.

Finally, let me quote a few cool people who had very reasonable opinions on the game:

"such a amazing and ridiculous game :)" - Wayward

"WOW. I've really enjoyed this game! Awesome scope, very solid, I loved switching back and forth, the music in the room, the paintings, all the gags you worked in... Very well done!" - hollowspecter

"Absolutely beautiful :')" - peterthehe

"This was one of the best ones I've reviewed as of yet! (...) The 3d part was almost flawless." - SinistraGames

"Impressive in all regards!" - enepomnyaschih

"I absolutely loved the bits where the snowman was laughing, probably the funniest thing I've seen this jam. Exceptionally well put together for your first 3D game too. So many mechanics, and clever use of the theme. This is fantastic." - Alex Rose