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As my entry for Ludum Dare 26, this nice little puzzle platformer was originally created in just 12 hours. Your job as a player is to alter gravity in such a way to allow you to avoid obstacles and finally reach the goal.
This enhanced version of the game includes three campaigns with a total of 31 levels and a few new features that were not in the original Ludum Dare entry such as an ingame level editor.

Furthermore this version includes new sound effects as well as a beautiful original soundtrack by Daniel Falk. It was our first actual cooperation (followed later by The King's Profit and a few cancelled projects, most notably Inverse) and the beginning of some great team work.

This video shows the most recent version of the game and a huge part of the first campaign in particular. Please be aware that the video could hence be considered a spoiler as it shows about a third of the game's content. The first couple of levels should already give you an idea of 360's gameplay, so if you consider playing it there's no need to watch the whole thing beforehand. :)

Note: In case you want to play the original LD entry, you can get it here.
Also, this is the original post LD version with 17 levels and pretty much without sound or music as shown in this video.