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Lab Rush originally was Thomas' main project. He worked on it for several years in his free time, constantly adding new features and levels and improving the experience over and over. I always liked the game and finally in summer 2014 had the chance to work on it myself, giving it some well deserved "HD" treatment. So within a matter of weeks, what started out like this:

..more and more became a much more polished and good looking game. I made sure it was no longer dependant on one fixed screen resolution or a fixed frame rate, added camera zoom and rotation functionality, replaced the sprites, added a few fullscreen shaders such as bloom and motion blur, replaced the HUD and even added a few gameplay elements to enhance the already very engaging combat.

After Daniel stepped in and improved the tileset quite a bit, it finally started looking and feeling the way we originally envisioned it.
The game features puzzles, combat and boss fights and will keep you busy for easily 1-2 hours. However, Thomas wanted to work on a few things before actually releasing the game, hence I won't offer it as free download here as of now. If you're interested in playing it, feel free to drop me an email and I'll make sure you get the game.