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Inspired by Super Crate Box, I made this game in about a week and aimed for a similar experience - a fast paced small platforming shooter that is both challenging and motivating. You start of without weapon and initially have to jump on enemies to hurt them, later on you may unlock different fire arms as well as new abilities that make your life easier.

While FHDV is certainly fun, it isn't quite as engaging as Super Crate Box due to several reasons. Firstly, the game takes a bit too long to gain pace each time you start over after dying (which happens a lot). Secondly, the weapons and upgrades don't seem to be fun or diverse enough to provide the motivation required for such a game to work.
However, despite these shortcomings it is a fun ride and due to the great soundtrack by TeknoAxe an overall quite enjoyable experience.

The player character is controlled with the arrow keys, 1-8 to select any weapons you've unlocked and WASD to shoot in the respective direction when you're currently carrying a weapon.