About Us

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The person behind Shellfish Games is me, Markus, 29, from Germany. I've been developing games for fun since I was 12 and decided to take a more professional route after getting my bachelor's degree in computer science at RWTH Aachen in 2012, which I did until 2015 when I became a web developer instead as that one scored higher on "safety" and "being able to pay rent", which is nice.

Usually I mostly work on 2D games, preferably fast paced platformers and action games. Most of my smaller games are available for free in the Games section.

A while ago I realized that creating video games may not be the best way to have a positive impact on the world. Depending on what kind of games you develop, the impact may as well be negative. My interest in doing this full time thus vanished for the most part, and nowadays I'm just participating in 1-3 game james per year to have some fun.