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A stealth game developed within 72 hours for Dark Jam 2014. In each of the 10 existing levels it's your goal to find and steal one or more golden orbs, usually hidden somewhere inside a more or less well guarded building. Guards may either see or hear you, depending on the light situation and your movement speed. Several tools such as your knife and pistol allow you to take out one guard after another, but make sure to hide their bodies well before anybody finds them - or take a more peaceful route and sneak past the guards without them even knowing you're there.

Out of the Dark's gameplay really is quite complex, considering it was created within just a single weekend. From a field of view mechanic, lights that can be switched on and off, enemy AI reacting to noises dynamically, surveillance cameras, interactive doors, peeking around corners all the way to breakable glass, gun fights, backstabbing and pulling dead bodies around the level - everything you'd expect from a stealth game is there.

The game supports a lot of different play styles, from an openly aggressive "shoot everybody and everything" approach to leaving the guards completely unharmed. The entire game can be beat without attacking a single guard, as demonstrated in this and not so much in this video.

Out of the Dark comes with ten levels, seven of which can be considered part of the tutorial. The last three levels are much more open and complex and require you to plan ahead before taking action. As soon as a guard or camera spots you, it's over. So be careful and always stay in the dark!