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This was my entry for Ludum Dare 27. The theme was '10 Seconds'. Since I was in the mood to make a sad game I decided to create a story about a man who's cursed: Every time a woman falls in love with him, she dies within the next 10 seconds.
The protagonist tells his story retrospective in a support group, and you as the player have to play through his memories.

The game was received very well by players. Most especially liked the humor and atmosphere. Here a few comments from the Ludum Dare page:

"Really, really nice entry. The story completely dragged me into it. Perfect mood, lovely artwork. Good work!" - XmmmX

"Wish I had more stars to give, very funny game. Great mood." - leparlon

"Was a nice moment, the story is really cool, and the telling/immersion is awesome. 5 stars to the mood!" - skarab

"Ok, now this I loved! Great and simple story combined with a nice and simple idea, but perfectly executed! Great work!" - CogComp

"This game is really touching. Great idea and rendition of the theme! I got a lot of fun playing the game." - TheDreik

"Okay, this is definitely the best game I have played in this Ludum Dare. How the heck you managed to make all that in such a short time is beyond my comprehension." - ZeppelinCaptain

"You have managed to make really depressing and funny game at the same time... Congratulations! This is really great. Got 8 women killed. Nice number it is." - Brejlounek

A playthrough of the game requires roughly 10-20 minutes. Parts of the level design are randomized and there are way more dialog lines than a single playthrough could cover, so make sure to give it a shot yourself instead of simply watching this quick playthrough: