Shellfish Games
Mr Shellfish

Procedural ArtFine stuff.

Frostbite - LD31 GameA 2D game within a 3D game featuring a snowman playing a snowman.

PaintXNever to be published, but it looks nice

Shellfish Games is a small indie game dev project of mine focusing on mostly free 2D computer games. This website is meant to present past and current projects including not only games but also procedural art.

Feel free to check out the Games section of this website to get a quick overview of what I've done so far, alternatively the Art stuff is surely worth a look. If you're interested in my qualifications, check out my Portfolio, but beware, I stopped maintaining this site a while ago (like... 2015) so everything is more or less out of date.
Depending on my schedule I sometimes do contract work as well, so if you've got a game or app idea, need a website or a personalized piece of procedural art, feel free to contact me and we'll work something out. This may still be true in whatever year currently is.

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